What I appreciate most about working with Tara is that she cares about my business and she also cares about me as a person. She coaches me to try new things that I may have never thought of and they result in being excellent for my business.

She keeps me accountable for my business and encourages me to look at not only what I need support with in the present but consider what may be coming in the future. That’s made an extraordinarily positive impact in my business. If you want results and you’re committed to them – hire Tara.
— Susan S.
Tara and I have collaborated in coaching work through various transitions. Her support feels like a safety net that I can fall into while sorting the changing world of my every day work. Her in-depth approach and focused strategies have helped me process and progress in ways I could barely see and beyond my expectations.
— Lisa G.
With Tara’s steadfast and encouraging guidance I have been able to navigate trials and challenges that would likely have stopped me in my tracks had I been going it alone. As a new business owner, I feel incredibly fortunate to have someone like Tara who ensures that I remain focused on my vision, helps me stretch well beyond what I think I’m capable of and constantly reminds me to find joy in my work.
— Kathryn G.
Tara has helped me to see my work in a new light, and move my business to a whole new level. Tara’s holistic approach to coaching is extraordinary— she looks at both the whole person, and the whole business as well, and has provided me with practical tools and big-picture guidance to help me achieve my goals.
— Corrie F.
It has been a joy to work with Tara over the last couple of years. I highly recommend her professional coaching services. Tara’s talent is to bring extensive business acumen into her coaching and coach her business clients to build their professional success while never losing sight of the softer sides of success. Not only is Tara a pro at calling out practical tactics and strategies to bring into entrepreneurship as well as high-level corporate settings, and she is also fully mindful that cultivating emotional, physical and spiritual well-being is the key to truly living richly. Thank you Tara for supporting me in living the life of my dreams!
— Sandra H.
Tara helped us overcome the obstacles that were affecting our organization. Among many other accomplishments she helped us re-organize our leadership team, provide us with a communication framework and helped me gain insight into my personal leadership and work style. I found that the tools she provided not only supported creating a more effective and efficient work environment but also spilled out to enrich my personal life.
— Dustin M.
When I began working with Tara, my career felt like a source of anxiety, frustration and – worst of all – unrealized potential. With expertise and care, she helped ease my immediate concerns while giving me tools to establish a firmer foundation from which to grow. After three months, I have stepped into leadership in a more powerful way, feel clearer than ever, and look at my life and career from a spectacular new vantage point.
— Khristina K.