Tara Wefers Executive Coach

Tara Wefers


Tara brings depth, curiosity and an edgy, holistic approach to her practice. Her 30-year career as an executive in various companies and industries provides her with an extensive experience in generating results; aligning teams & C-level leaders; listening to stakeholders; translating learning into results; cultivating & leading collaborative teams capable of extraordinary accomplishments and adopting essential practices necessary to be nimble in a time of great change.

She received her B.S. in Marketing & Management and subsequently graduated from Sophia University with her Masters in Transpersonal Psychology specializing in Creativity & Innovation. Tara is the principal of her Executive Coaching practice, is the President of Pottery Northwest board, the Co-Chair of the local ArtTable chapter, and the Vice President of the Uptown Arts & Culture Coalition.

For over 30 years Tara has pursued the integration of her three great passions - art, business, and the big questions. She is committed to supporting clients create a whole life - fulfillment in all areas of one's life. Tara practiced & performed Japanese tea ceremony as a child; was president of a technology services company at 23yrs of age; studied theology with to-be priests; traveled Israel with Benedictine monks; studied with Sufi mystics; lived in Germany as a Rotary scholar dwelling in student housing run by Japanese nuns who spoke German while working for two photographers and learning tango; learned from the Achuar people in the Amazon jungle; and got married in Bali. Tara's art practice includes abstract oil painting & drawing, ceramic sculpture, photography, encaustic, knitting, and dance.

Colleagues & Collaborators

When scale and scope require it, Tara may recommend bringing in well-trusted colleagues and collaborators to provide clients with the breadth and depth of support they need to accomplish extraordinary work. 


Tara Wefers - Art Practice

You are invited to view my artwork: www.tarasan.art